Moonstone earrings: What to know when looking for the perfect pair

Sunny days start off this summer season, and refreshing crisp light accents accentuate any outfit. Moonstone earrings make a great addition to every wardrobe. Adding a new accessory to an outfit is always fun, as summer begins the lovely and color shifting moonstone is a great choice. Moonstone earrings are an especially delightful way to add a summer vibe to any hair do. The moonstone is the birthstone of June and for the Zodiac sign Cancer. Moonstones are known for the healing and feminine qualities they are said to possess.

Choosing the color

The moonstone makes an especially nice choice for earrings because of the color shifting attributes of the moonstone it compliments the person wearing the earrings in various situations. Moonstones are available in many different colors. The colors available are, blue, rainbow, white, peach.

The best quality moonstones have a blue sheen, high clarity, and a white to colorless body color. When reading about gemstones the schiller factor, or very specifically for moonstones the adularescence, refers to the shimmering top layer of color in moonstones. Being able to easily see from across the room the color shifting effect, adularescence, is a sign of a higher quality moonstone. The best quality moonstones these days are from Myanmar.

The blue moonstone is the highest quality and more expensive option. Good quality blue moonstone earrings are a great staple addition to every wardrobe. The larger the size of the moonstones the more expensive and harder to find. Blue moonstone earrings are a great choice for anyone looking for a nice quality gift or accent in the summer months.
Blue moonstone earrings
Blue moonstone earrings. Check on Etsy.

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